Payment of Rates

Payment of Rates

Rates will be payable in four equal instalments. The due dates for these instalments are:

1st Quarter: 9 September 2016
2nd Quarter: 9 December 2016 (or deferred full payment)
3rd Quarter: 10 March 2017
4th Quarter: 9 June 2017

A quarterly notice will be posted to ratepayers at least 30 days prior to each due date.

A ratepayer may also pay their rates in a single instalment due on 9 September 2016.

Payment must be received by Council on or before the instalment due date. Ratepayers wishing to make alternative payment arrangements must contact Council prior to the due date for payment of rates. Approval of any such arrangement will be at the discretion of Council.

Deferred Single Instalment

Council are once again offering ratepayers the opportunity to defer the payment of their rates (in full) until December 2016. This means that one payment for the entire years rates is payable at the time the December quarter is due (no payment will be due in September). Non payment however, will result in fines being payable on the entire years rates.

Any ratepayer wishing to apply for this option must complete a Deferred Single Instalment Option form: download from here (Deferred Single Instalment Form 2016/17(452 kb)) or by phoning or visiting the Council office. This form must be returned BEFORE Friday 2 September 2016. The terms of the agreement are contained on the form.

Please Note: This option is offered specifically for farmers who wish the defer their payments until they receive harvest income. Council rates can be paid in full at anytime throughout the financial year without having to complete a form, however you must pay at least the minimum amount due by the quarter due date.

 This option will no longer be available from 2017/18 onwards.

Payment Methods

 The Wudinna District Council offers a variety of easy and convenient payment methods:

BPAY This can be accessed from your phone or internet banking of your financial institution. You can pay from your savings, cheque or credit card account.

To pay your rates account - enter in the Biller Code 34702. The Reference Number is your Assessment Number as it appears on your rates notice.

You must enter each assessment notice individually and minimum payment is $10 per assessment. If your accounts is less than $10, you can still pay $10 and your account will go into credit (or use another method of payment).

We recommend processing your payment at least two clear working days before the due date.

Eftpos logoPayment can be made with Mastercard, Visa or Access card at the Council office (minimum transation of $10, no cash out). We also accept eftpos payments over the phone, simply phone the Council office on 08 8680 2005.

Send your cheque or money order to PO Box 6, WUDINNA  SA  5652. Please allow at least 5 working days for mail payments to reach council by the due date. Post dated cheques will not be accepted.

person logoCall into the Council office at 11 Burton Terrace, Wudinna.
Opening Hours are 8.45am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.
We accept cash, cheque, Eftpos and money orders.
Post dated cheques will not be accepted.


Late Payment of Rates


If an instalment of rates is not paid on or before the due date on which it falls due, the instalment is regarded as being in arrears; and

  • A fine of 2% of the amount of the instalment is payable; and
  • One the expiration of each full month from that date, interest at the prescribed percentage will be charged on the outstanding amount for each month it continues to be late.
Recovery of Amounts Due

In any case where default in payment of rates occurs, Council may without further notice commence proceeding for recovery of all amounts due including.

Refer to Councils Debt Recovery Policy.

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