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The Wudinna District Council is committed to maintaining a safe working environment for all its employees, contractors and visitors. The Council has adopted a comprehensive policy manual that deals with a range of WH&S issues, including accident and incident reporting and subsequent rehabilitation, hazard identification, electrical safety, emergency procedures, confined spaces, plant and machinery use and management, manual handling and staff training.

The Council's Health & Safety Committee monitors current work practices and procedures in conjunction with injury reports, accident investigation outcomes, hazard audits and industry standards, making policy changes or undertaking corrective measures as the need arises.
In addition to this the Committee also aims to:

  • Further the achievement of Council safety objectives
  • Review all accidents occurring in the workplace
  • Encourage an awareness of safety at all levels
  • Evaluate safety suggestions submitted by employees
  • Arrange and conduct regular safety inspections
  • Instigate educational programs for the benefit of all employees.

The Committee meets regularly in its endeavors to carry out the above functions, with a minimum of four meetings a year. The Committee receives assistance, direction and support from its Regional Risk Co-ordinator, Mr Paul Rogers. Paul is employed by the Local Government Association Workers Compensation Scheme, is based at Kimba, and travels through the upper North and Eyre Peninsula offering such assistance. An Elected Member nominated by the Wudinna District Council, who has a standing invitation to attend all meetings and will recieve all Agenda papers in the same manner as Committee members. The current Health & Safety Committee (HSC) consists of:

Responsibile Officer  - Alan McGuire (CEO)
Chairperson - Kelsey Trezise
Secretary & WHS Coordinator - Rhonda Richter
Works Gang Health & Safety Rep  - Kelsey Trezise
Administration Health & Safety Rep - Rhonda Richter
Office Manager - Andrew Buckham
Administration Representative - Tanya Mitchell
Works Manager - Neil Haines


Policies & Procedures

Council is currently reviewing its policies and procedures in line with the Local Government Association Workers Compensation Scheme (LGAWCS) One System approach to WH&S and Return To Work.  As policies and procedures are reviewed and adopted by Council, this page will be updated.  Signed versions of the documents are captured in Council's records management system and are available upon request.

Please follow this link to view the LGAWCS One System Structure.

WHS Return to Work Policy
Workplace Return to Work Procedure V4

Hazard Management Policy
Incident Reporting & Investigation Procedure V4
Incident Reporting and Investigation One Pager and Flowchart V3
Hazard Management Procedure V4 
Hazard Management Procedure One Pager and Flowchart V3
Plant Procedure V4
Plant Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V3
Workplace Inspection Procedure V4
Workplace Inspection Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V3

Work Health & Safety Administation Policy
Corrective & Preventative Action Procedure V4  
Corrective & Preventative Action Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V3 
WHS Document Management Procedure V3
WHS Document Management One Pager and Flowchart V3
WHS Induction & Training Procedure V4
WHS Induction & Training Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V3
WHS Internal Auditing Procedure V4
WHS Internal Auditing Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V3
Planning & Program Development Procedure V4
Planning & Program Development Procedure One Pager and Flowchart V3

WHS Communication & Consultation Policy
WHS Communication & Consultation Procedure V4
WHS Communication & Consultation Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V3
Consultation and Communication Policy V4
Resolution of WHS Issues Flowchart V5

WHS Contractor Management Policy
WHS Contractor Management Procedure V5
WHS Contractor Management Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V3

Emergency Management Policy
First Aid Procedure V3 
First Aid Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V2
Workplace Emergency Management Procedure V4
Workplace Emergency Management Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V3

Hazardous Work Policy
Confined Spaces Procedure V4
Confined Spaces Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V3
Electrical Safety Procedure V3
Electrical Safety Procedure One Pager & Flow Chart V2
Excavation & Trenching Procedure V4 
Excavation & Trenching Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V3
Hazardous & Dangerous Substances Procedure
Isolation, Lock Out, Tag Out Procedure V3
Isolation, Lock Out, Tag Out Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V2
Manual Handling Procedure
Prevention of Falls Procedure V3
Prevention of Falls Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V2
Remote or Isolated Work Procedure V3
Remote or Isolated Work Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V2
Asbestos Procedure V2
Asbestos Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V2
Workzone Traffic Management Procedure V3 
Workzone Traffic Management Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V2 
Hazardous Chemicals Procedure V4
Hazardous Chemicals One Pager & Flowchart V3
Hazardous Manual Tasks Procedure V3
Hazardous Manual Tasks Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V2
Hot Work Procedure V3
Hot Work One Pager & Flowchart V2
UVR & Inclement Weather Procedure One Pager & Flowchart V3
UVR & Inclement Weather Procedure V4

Volunteer Management Policy
Volunteer Management Procedure V4.1


Council Policies & Procedures

Terms of Reference


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