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Council minutes are a record of what has been decided at Council meetings. Copies of minutes are available for public viewing at the Council Office, on the website and by free email subscription. Copies can also be posted to you on a monthly basis for a small, annual fee (see Fees & Charges). Minutes of the current years Council meetings can be viewed below. For previous years (last five years), see further down.


Council Agendas are prepared a week prior to Council meetings and can be viewed at the Council Office or here. They can also be purchased (see Fees & Charges).

If you require Council Minutes or Agendas produced prior to January 2012, please contact Council Office, 8680 2002.

Committee Agenda and Minutes

Council's various Committee's Agenda and Minutes can be viewed here:

Use the search below to find specific Agenda and Minutes documents. Make sure you select the Committee of interest in the drop down list.


Category Agenda
Agenda 2014

Ordinary Council Listing

November 21 2017
.pdf November 2017 Agenda
.pdf November 2017 Minutes
October 17 2017
.pdf October 2017 Agenda
.pdf October 2017 Minutes
September 19 2017
.pdf September 2017 Agenda
.pdf September 2017 Minutes
August 15 2017
.pdf August 2017 Agenda
.pdf August 2017 Minutes
July 18 2017
.pdf July 2017 Agenda
.pdf July 2017 Minutes
June 20 2017
.pdf June 2017 Agenda
.pdf June 2017 Minutes
May 16 2017
.pdf May 2017 Agenda
.pdf May 2017 Minutes
April 18 2017
.pdf April 2017 Agenda Agenda
.pdf April 2017 Minutes
March 21 2017
.pdf March 2017 Agenda
.pdf March 2017 Minutes
February 21 2017
.pdf February 2017 Agenda
.pdf February 2017 Minutes
February 1 2017
.pdf February 2017 Special Meeting Agenda
.pdf February 2017 Special Meeting Minutes
January 17 2017
.pdf January 2017 Agenda
.pdf January 2017 Minutes
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